Originally written: July/Aug. 1982,  
final chapters added August 1986.  
Nothing has been changed since other than grammar and spelling.  
Written by "Sunpar" Paulette Harrigan ©1983, 1986  

01 - The Great Sunparian Voyager  

The great voyager from Sunpar has been gone not even a week in his eyes. Since he has been here many things have occurred, but are we aware of what it looks like to him?  
The first time he approached this mass of great rock and great minerals, he decided it had great potential. He did not name earth for he knew it was already there. He also saw that it was without form and void of life of any kind.  
Since he was a great voyager and adventurer, he took his great ship and blasted through the dark dense unknown. It gave him a very pleasant feeling. The ship's very bright light shown across the horizon and what he saw he felt was worth his effort.  
It was late in the evening when he arrived but very early in the first day that he would spend on earth. He had already seen what his solar powered lights had shown him and since it was a great light it gleamed from horizon to horizon. Thus he was able to separate light from darkness with the arch of the sky. It did not take very long before the atmosphere was clearing. The bright intense light was separating, the dense fog was rising up and away from earth and now he could see a difference between the earth and space. It was only then that he realized that there was a great deal of work that had to be accomplished in a relatively short period of Sunparian time.  
Thinking and pondering how long it would take to get things going on this desolate mass, he consoled himself by remembering to take things on one day at a time. After all, he could at least see what he was into now. The arch in the sky from the lights of the ship would shine as long as he needed them.  
It was getting late in the evening. "It has been a lot of work sitting up and getting just that much done," he thought.  
"Now I will think about what is to be done tomorrow. Things should be looking up then. The intense heat from the arch should burn off the great mass of darkness surrounding this earth. Then the light of the bright star, the Sun, will be able to work again."  
He slowly dozed, allowing his conscious thoughts to become his unconscious thoughts.  
When he awoke he saw the real thing. The Sun was shining through; the arch from the ship had accomplished what he had hoped. He ordered that the arch could now be turned off. Now he could use the ship for other power that he needed.  
The command was carried out and within a very short time he could see a natural change taking place that he had seen many times before. Without the intense heat of the arch but only the natural sunlight, which was very strong by itself, the land began to dry off. To his pleasure, the waters gathered in low places. He could now see what he knew as Earth. It was no longer covered with a mass of great dingy darkness. Now he would be able to work with the rocks and the minerals. The deep valleys of water that settled he called seas as that was what was recorded of similar masses before earlier on in his adventures.  
Yahweh made sure to keep accurate accounts of his voyages. Once he discovered something or made something happen, he always called it by that same word, so as to eliminate confusion when relating it to others or when referring back into his own records. He would know what would follow if he did things in a certain way.  
Yahweh also had a great storage area on one of his ships. He always made sure that his creatures and life forms that he had found or possibly even just showed up from different experiments before, were always kept in the best condition. After all, this was his first voyage that he was sent on that he had to do it all the way and he was not going to mess it up.  
"First things first though, or I'll mess things up for sure." At that thought, he went for his records. "Humm," he thought. "Tender grass would not only be of benefit to me in the future but it will make the Earth a lot easier to walk on. And while I'm walking I would like some of that juicy fruit I found on my last trip."  
With that thought fresh on his mind, he buzzed the storage area. "Bring me good seeds of the tender grass and all the seeds you can find for the trees that produce the juicy fruit."  
The storage area ship replied that they would be there as soon as possible with his demands. In the meantime he would prepare to go out onto the land of the Earth. He knew that with the land being so wet and yet the sun continuing to dry it out, that now was the best time to sow his choice seeds. He made yet another call and was able to get a machine that worked out very well according to past records. It would be able to maneuver at very slow speeds that would enable him to be able to plant a very beautiful area to start.  
Since these were superb samples of vegetation, he knew that they would grow very fast in a fresh environment. He was getting very anxious to get things rolling. Just as he began to transmit a message to the storage ship, his supplies arrived. As it was getting late in the day and the natural sun would be going to lose it growing powers soon, he would have to work fairly fast but very accurate. A mistake now could ruin everything.  
He quickly boarded the vessel and began on his way. What he saw was very desolate but his fantasies he knew would be a reality tomorrow if he got busy. At that, he put his choice tender grass seeds in the planting chamber. He then began to hover low and move along slowly. As he pushed the control he visualized how beautiful and green the land would be when the tender grass began to grow. He went back and forth covering as large of an area as possible with his seeds. He knew that the seeds themselves would take it from there. He planted the fruit bearing trees in much the same way but in a much more spread out manner. To do a good job he had to plant them one or two at a time.  
With an empty vessel and a pleasant feeling he returned to the Voyager pleased of the work he was able to accomplish for that day.  
While returning to the ship he was able to look up into the vast of the sky. What he saw brought back memories of where he had been before. He had stopped briefly on the next closest mass to the earth, which the only thing that he knew about it was that it had been named moon in many other circumstances before. He knew that it would be a valuable stop because all moons revolve around their mother mass. But, that was last week and this is this week, he thought. But, it sure was nice being able to look up and see the Sun shining on the moon even though the Sun was no where to be seen. His plan was working, he thought, as he turned in another day.  
His fantasies stayed with him all night. He woke to the Sun rising over the horizon as he knew would happen. By now the Seas would be settled enough to begin his next step. The rocks and the minerals and the power of his ship were and would be the key elements of his days work ahead.  
Yahweh referred back to his records of before once again. He knew that if he made available to the regenerated Seas his largest of concoctions that it would take care of itself and fill the waters with an abundance of life and variety.  
He not only decided what to put in the Seas but also put together something that would liven up the land also. He knew that flying creatures would be able to live now since the tender grass and fruit trees were developing just great.  
Not only that, but the seeds of the herbs and tender grass had blown to the Seas and a whole new variety was growing under the water to his amazement. Now he would have food being made for the great sea creatures. He could release live creatures to the earth and know that they would be able to take care of themselves.  
As he completed his work, the end of the fifth day grew near. He knew something was missing. If he would leave right now, he would not be leaving behind anything or anyone to carry out his many fantasies that he knew would be reality with time. Time was running short, he knew he had to return to his superior and give them a full detailed account of what he had accomplished.  
The next day proved to be full of enlightening ideas. According to past records when only the animals were created and left, it was found upon his returning that a great intelligence was living. He did not stay in this place. He only took a sample of this intelligent being and absorbed his live soul from him when he took the creature to the storage area.  
It was in his storage area that he had a sample of this intelligent being that had only known wildness. He had been lying in there dormant for quite some time. Now, earth is the place to see if a living soul will work.  
Yahweh released this soul from his being and was able to turn this wild creature into an intelligent being he called man.  
As he began to peruse over his records, he found out more about this planet that this wild creature came from. He knew that this particular planet was allowed to run its course for it wasn't completed in time according to Sunpar. Sunpar would order the creator of that planet to stay there also, to be spirit and guide all of his creation.  
As Yahweh read further, he found out that the creator of that place was Satan. Sunpar had been a little disappointed in his efforts but nevertheless respected.  
Yahweh knew on the other hand that he could do well with this much to start. He knew that he was taking a chance with the heredity factor, but this chance was what he was going to take.  
Yahweh was not fully aware of the background of the planet, but he knew that Satan was pleased with his accomplishment. He also knew that the force on the planet was very upset when he snatched the creatures from where they stood and took them aboard his craft. Satan knew all too well what Yahweh was up to, for that was a creating ship he took them aboard.  
Yahweh would have control of man. For, this would be the highest intelligent creature according to Sunpar. And whoever created a first would have control of it from beginning to end.  
As the earth continued to dry out naturally a very pretty mist arose from the ground. This enabled his plants and the herbs in the field to grow very good. The ground was moist enough, it didn't need any watering.  
Yahweh decided to return the living soul to this intelligent creature. As he walked over to where man was, he stopped and thought of his fantasies, "I hope this works out well, Sunpar would be proud." With that on his mind, he released the creature's essence of life, his soul.  
Yahweh put this living soul in his beautiful garden. The garden was located in an area where gold, bdellium and onyx-stone were very good. To test man of the heredity factor he told him that he could eat anything except from this one particular tree. Because if he ate the fruit of that tree he would die within a day (Sunparian). That's all he said.  
Yahweh would call this man Adam and since his main desire was to have lots of intelligent creatures on earth, he would have to give him a compliment. Together they would take care of it.  
So Yahweh pulled the essence of the living soul from Adam once again. While Adam was in this dormant state, Yahweh could work on him freely. He more or less cloned Adam but gave them the creating ability themselves. Yahweh would name her Eve for she would be the mother of all man. With that thought Yahweh gave Eve the essence of life, a living soul. He also returned Adam's living soul. This was the birth of mankind.  
Yahweh hoped that things would turn out as he anticipated. But his anticipation was turning into speculation. He knew that even his short trips back to earth would not hold and more than that the 400 years in man's eyes before Michael got there would prove to be very confusing for his humble intelligent man. By the time he returned to Sunpar and was able to report everything and then return to Earth, things could change drastically.  
As Yahweh placed Adam and Eve out to the garden, he instructed them to be fruitful and multiply the earth. The animals came freely around the intelligent man. Yahweh told him that he could name them as he chose. He also instructed them that every herb that yielded seed was to be their meat, their source of nourishment.  
Yahweh waited till the 6th day was complete and began to rest on the 7th day.  
As he awoke on the 7th day, he was pleased as to what he had accomplished. It was time for Yahweh to rest from all of his activities. He must return to his superiors and report his voyage. Time is relative and he knew things could go haywire on him if he didn't make it back to earth on time. When he looked to the future with his own fantasies, he could see how things could happen and it scared and dampened his spirits to think of them. He would do his best to keep in contact with earth, namely mankind.  
"Man will be alone on my beautiful earth with too much time and not enough guidance," he thought. "I must return as quickly as I can." With that thought, he turned on the power of his ship and soared off. The ship made a great sound of thunder and made the earth tremble. But as he gazed back, he thought, "I wonder what things will be like next week when I return? It sure does look nice now."  

02 - Yahweh Returns to Sunpar  

Yahweh journeyed on his way to Sunpar (meaning Parent of the Sun) to report his accomplishments. He began calculating just how long he would be gone in the eye's of man, give or take a few hours in his mind. When he realized what his fantasies told him could happen, he quickly pushed the right controls and was in contact with Sunpar via light waves. "Send me Michael. My course is in direct line with Earth and Sunpar. Send him now. I need his assistance." Michael arrived within a few hours. Yahweh was traveling early in the seventh day. He had to report and return to Earth as quickly as possible before the seventh day ended. For, if on the morning of the eighth day things are not complete according to Sunpar, you must let the planet run its course. This is why he wanted Michael. He knew that Michael could return to Earth by the time that he got to Sunpar. He was also confident that Michael could keep a tap on things till he was able to return himself. He would also keep close contact with Michael by way of light to keep up with the realities. Michael did not lose time for time was certainly relative. "Why didn't Yahweh think of this earlier?" He thought. I could have met him upon his departure and not lose any time according to Sunpar."  
Sure enough, it had only been a quarter of the day, according to Sunpar, but 4,000 years in man's eyes. And even to his dismay, he too knew that he had a lot to sit straight before Yahweh returned. He would be back before the end of the day. He knew that Yahweh was beaming back and forth by light to keep in touch. However, the last 400 years to man, he's been talking to Sunpar, unable to focus his thoughts on earth and his creation. Michael found forces from Earth turning everything Yahweh did awry. Even though Yahweh was going to return as quickly as possible, he knew that he had to reach man on his own level. Coming to earth in man's eyes would prove to be a very difficult experience. First there would be total darkness and then finally aching and hurting (as a man really does) before actually being born into man's form. He knew that this was the only way that he would really be able to communicate with man. For the next twenty or so years Michael would learn to enjoy the relationship of others and had been found worthy of this respect. The most powerful reason that kept him going was that he knew that he only had a short period of time to get control of the situation. The other force had been here for quite some time. Many generations of man had been led astray from Yahweh's intentions. Michael knew that love, indeed, was the most important thing to Yahweh. So, Michael's life on earth would above all be loving to these misguided people. By the time Michael was in his teens, he had been found to have associated with just about everyone that had crossed his path. His intentions were paying off. Man was beginning to turn to him for information. He knew he should make contact with Yahweh. Yahweh had been relating his voyage to Sunpar when he received a message from Michael. It had only been a short time, but Michael had been on earth for over twenty years. Michael told Yahweh of the situation and requested that Yahweh expedite his trip back to earth. According to Yahweh's calculations, he knew that he could not get back as soon as Michael wanted him to. So, he instructed Michael to gather his dearest and closest man friends and to take them into his confidence all the way. This would prove to be a safety factor in case something was to happen to Michael before Yahweh returned. Yahweh knew that with his present craft that he would not be able to return to earth as quickly as Michael would like. He returned to Sunpar's chamber and discussed his dilemma with him. Sunpar heard his account with much attentiveness. He would be willing to do anything for Yahweh so that he would not have to let another life form planet run it's course and inevitably destroy itself. Sunpar agreed that it was not necessary to take his creating equipment with him on his next voyage. It would indeed bog down any craft, regardless of what condition it was in. Yahweh also insisted that this was too good of a creation to let destroy itself. He would need room to carry man off to another destiny if things could not be completed by the morning of the eighth day. Yahweh knew that 4,000 years of misguiding of man from the outside force would take time to turn around. And time wasn't too much to be had. As Sunpar spoke, "I have a new vessel at my disposal. The ship is at least four times larger than the creating vessel. I'm sure, to your satisfaction, four times faster. Sunpar hesitated. This ship will enable you to return to earth faster than Michael will ever think. And if, by some misfortune, you are not able to get things in order by the end of the day, you will be able to return with the creation of your selection. But let's not ponder, you best be getting on your way. The ship will be at your disposal within and hour." Yahweh was in very high spirits to know that Sunpar would back him up on his creation even though things could still turn out drastically for his entire creation. He knew now that he would be able to return before Michael's influence completely burned out over the generations. Meanwhile, back on Earth, things for Michael were indeed getting very sticky. Sure, there were people listening to him and his chosen ones of confidence, but there were also ones out for this earthly "Man" life. He had heard from Yahweh that he was coming quickly, but knew that the end of Sunpar's seventh day was drawing ever closer.  

03 - There's Something Out There  

 The year is 2030. Traveling free in space is no longer a dream of things to come. The economy is booming and for once in a long time people of all walks of life can agree on one thing. There's something out there coming slowly but quickly. There is no communication with the unidentified craft. It's as if a planet is moving on a collision course with earth. It is so large that it can be seen clearly, yet Earth Space Aviation estimates its collision with earth to be 2035.  

04 - A New Civilization  

 Down through history, every time we discovered new worlds, as in Columbus Day, the people of those lands regarded the white man or the man that came as being a god. However, we tried telling the Indians that we were not god even though they were so overwhelmed with this fact. When we reach out into the outer limits of the universe, or not even the universe, perhaps right here on our own planet, we reach out and we actually find a civilization that does not know of us and we of them. If they are in a technological development period lower than our caliber, they very well could look at us as god's. Which would mean that there is a whole civilization of gods. Whereas this next civilization that we are going to come in contact with, have they already listened to the tape, to the gold record on Voyager II as it flies past Uranus on towards Neptune. How many years will it take for it to reach the tenth planet which I have called Sunpar? Inside of the ring of an oort cloud we will find a civilization that has managed to survive because being surrounded by the oort cloud. It is able to absorb energy from the Sun so the people can live there. Who are these people? And we're going to have to tell them, "No we're not gods. We may be 2,000 years ahead of your time as far as intellectually. But my goodness, no, we're not gods, we're still searching." And isn't this, if you think about it, how it happened all along? When something awesome came along, the people thought, "Oh my, this is gods." Or, if we look at it from their perspective, the people on Sunpar can't imagine life this close to the Sun, because it would burn up. And even if they did think that there was life here, if they are 2,000 years ahead of us that means that surely they can read, they can be able to see with their eyes. They have developed that far in the evolutionary process that they can see with their eyes the whole field of the light spectrum. Which in turn means, if they think that there's life here, they are going to look down here and see all the electricity and all sound waves. It is going to look to them as if the earth is burning up.  

05 - Ancestry -- What Does It Mean?  
The family tree might be more important than you realize. For all of us have heard about souls and spirits. Our family tree is an intregal part of our individual spirit. For we are made up of not only our present individual spirit but a combination, proven genetically, of our blood descendant ancestors.  

06 - Astronomy and Science vs. Religion -- Which Way?  

 The stars (astronomy and astrology) and science and technology are Yahweh's ways. Religions of today distort the true way of the life to come. It might have been easier if there was one religion to follow, but Yahweh saw to it that there be more than one, but only one true way to Him. You must firmly believe in Him and in the life to come. I feel as though I am an every day person. However, by believing, I have been able to come to terms with so many things in my life that were beyond my control. Yahweh has willed the way of every individual and it's up to us to see the signs. Yahweh guides the firm believers in the life to come. He has revealed many things to us since the Earth has been under the influence of Pluto. He knows that surely the men of understanding would figure these things out. These things, I feel, must be written down so that other people might know. There are those who say that they believe in Yahweh but not even knowing it themselves, they are believing in deceit. Yahweh guides the believers and also guides or misleads the unbelievers. He knows all and sees all. Each individual needs to come to terms with the feeling inside them, which is their religion. There has been so much deceit in religion. Time has tried to wash away the appointed ones guidance for mankind. Yahweh will reckon with these people. Only He knows their hearts and what they can bear. He will bring before them their idols and the idols will say, "We did not mean this, they missed the whole point." Surely, we must live with the times. Each generation is guided closer to the seventh heaven. We can see this. Pluto's control will end, plus or minus 13 to 34 years, in the year of 1995. Pluto was not photographed until 1930. However, it was in the late 1800's that something was out there orbiting acting like a planet. The astronomers could tell because of the effect that it had on Neptune, the next closest and until that time the last planet known. Do not knowingly set up other gods besides Him. Only Yahweh knows what you do. Don't fear death, we will all give up our souls before we come to Yahweh, it is His will. Only He will restore our life. He created and gave to us all of what the Earth contained and then ascended to the heavens. He fashioned it into seven heavens and has knowledge of all things. He created the heavens of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Then while sitting on or within His throne, He created the seventh heaven, His own, His throne. This is Sunpar. What we are seeing is a sign. A sign of Yahweh coming. Pluto's neighboring planet is the throne of our supreme beings, the Sunparians. We are closer now to the things spoken of in earlier scriptures of the book. He is providing us a sign. Do not fear. He gave us life and will take it away. He will bring us to life again giving us things that will be pleasant and giving us the things we know and that are familiar to us. The men of understanding will figure these things out. He has brought us so close to knowing and He will reveal himself shortly. Give thanks for all and do not fear death when He comes. You will know that your belief has come true and that in a twinkling of an eye you will be before him. There will be no pain or suffering or fear for the believers, but as for the disbelievers, He will cause great devastation. Do not worry over those who do not believe and do not worry about those looking upon you strangely. If you believe, Yahweh will guide you always. Yahweh ascended to the seventh heaven and from there sees all and knows all. He sees that man has taken many generations to come to know He is the most supreme. The forgiving and the merciful One, and that He has guided our steps through the anointed ones, not only in one land but all lands. The true religion within oneself, whether he be Christian, Jew or Sabean, is believing only in Yahweh, not knowingly putting any other gods before Him, and believing in the life to come. Yahweh provided the earth for sustenance and a dwelling place. Those who believe in Him will have nothing to regret, but those who deny the revelations will be the heirs of hell, Hades, Pluto, and there they will stay until they reach their level of consciousness. For Yahweh will take the believers, the chosen ones, away with Him and leave behind the unbelievers. We will travel with Him along side His throne. Glory be to Yahweh for He is our provider. The things He has in store for the believers are not known, only to Him. He will make things pleasant for the believers and they will be awe. The believers must be patient and talk in prayer or meditation to Yahweh. He is coming and He sees all. We must not be anxious. He will come when it's time. We will see Him. We will know He is there. But, the unbelievers will not be changed. They will not believe until Yahweh brings upon them their own destruction. They will not believe or understand. He has sealed their hearts. They will try to harm Yahweh in space while he is coming slowly but quickly on His throne. Believers, do not fear Yahweh, the supreme being, the forgiver, the merciful. He will protect you. You will see the fire in front of you and behind you, but Yahweh will not let it harm you. This is one of your rewards. You should guard yourself and your faith for every soul will stand on his own while Pluto is controlling the earth (Pluto is the sixth planet from earth going away from the Sun). The souls of those who believe in the life to come will also stand before Him. Only he knows what is in your heart, your wants, your questions, and the wanting of a new life to come. The Sunparians have been gone for but a short while but have revealed through the scriptures and through men of understanding that they will return. Yahweh and his angels will return and soon. A lot sooner than anyone knows. Believe in Him now and know that He is guiding you down the right path. He wills your way. See the signs and believe. I feel impelled to write these things down. Yahweh is coming quickly and all will see Him. His presence will be known to all. The throne will be visible and being men of understanding, we will know not to fear but to rejoice for all our prayers and questions will be answered. As a soul before Him, if He wills, He will resurrect or teleport us, molding us down to our very own finger and knuckle. We will be familiar to ourselves and know other believers. There will be ones there you thought were disbelievers and ones you will miss, thinking they were believers. Yahweh will free your wonderment. Life everlasting beyond our wildest dreams. The universe is His and we are His creation. As He takes us away on His throne, we will not mourn those who were left behind. For they did not believe and there (Pluto/Hades) they will be left until they reach the level of consciousness to ascend to His throne. Yahweh has much in store for the believers. They are in awe. The men of understanding say that Pluto's control over the earth will end in 1995. Since 1983, children are being born under Sunpar's influence. Sunpar is seventh heaven. It is the throne. It is Yahweh. Yahweh is watching over the children. These children will not fear. They have come to terms with death and live with the everyday concept of tomorrow in gone. These children will have to be taught to believe in the extra-terrestial to know that Yahweh is not bad, and not to fear Him when He comes. All will see. Sunpar is smaller than Pluto as Pluto is to earth. Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the sun, whereas, Sunpar takes 1000 years to orbit (thereby clearing up the statement of one day is as 1000 years in Yahweh's eyes). However, Sunpar will cause great atmospheric changes in every planet in succession all the way to earth. But, when He starts moving closer, the day will come that all men on earth will see his throne and know his presence. Pluto's generation runs from the late 1890's to 1982/3. The year will be 1996. How advanced will the disbelievers space weapons be? All of Pluto's generation will not have passed away. Therefore some of them will see this. Yahweh promised that when the men of understanding figured this out, that the generation of the last (being Pluto's day) would not pass away till they witnessed his presence and their individual soul stood before his throne. 1996 is when Sunpar, Yahweh, will begin his descent. He is coming and we must all rejoice, It is His will. Rejoice in this, I say to the believers. Do not fear when atmospheric changes cause great earthquakes, flooding and things almost shut down. Be on your guard, He is coming quickly and we know He is there. Sunpar's generation will see His throne. Do not fear for the innocent children, Yahweh is and will protect them.